Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Free Knitting Pattern #2 - Gadget Cosy

This free knitting pattern is for a knitted gadget phone cosy to fit an iphone, ipod or any smartphone such as a blackberry. It can be knitted up in less than an hour and would make a great last minute gift for christmas, a birthday, or just to say thanks. With the cost of christmas rising, it's the perfect time to go handmade with your gifts.

The cosy uses the smallest amount of yarn - can you believe only approximately 10g. So you could splash out on a nice ball of say, Amy Butler Belle Organic DK (about £5 for a 50g ball) and make 5 cosies at just £1 each. Alternatively, you could you use Sidar Click Dk which is about about £3.50 a ball - What a bargain for 5 gadget cosies. Of course you can raid your yarn stash for scrummy left over yarns at no extra cost.

Here are the instructions:

approximately 10g double knitting yarn
1 pair 3.25mm needles
1 pair 3.5mm needles
darning needle
optional button and sewing thread.

k = knit
p = purl
st st = stocking stitch (one row knit, one row purl, repeated)
st(s) = stitch(es)
[ ] repeat the instructions in the brackets as many times as stated

Using 3.25mm needles, cast on 19 sts.
Row 1: [k1, p1] to the last st, k1.
Row 2: [p1, k1] to the last st, p1.
Rows 3-8: repeat rows 1 & 2 three times more.
Change to 3.5mm needles.
Rows 9-14: starting with a k row, st st 6 rows.
Row 15: k5, [p1, k1] 4 times, p1, k5.
Row 16: p5, [p1, k1] 4 times p1, p5
Note: Rows 15 & 16 are the start of the moss stitch square, which is worked over the centre 9 sts
Row 17-30: repeat rows 15 & 16 seven times more.
Rows 31-40: starting with a k row, st st 10 rows. Cast off knitwise.

Pin the two pieces together with right sides facing and wrong sides together and use a mattress stitch to stitch the two pieces together, leaving the cast on ribbed edges open. Alternatively, pin with right sides together and wrong sides facing and whip stitch the two pieces together, leaving the cast on ribbed edge open. Turn the cosy the right way out. The ribbed edge will hold the gadget in place.

You may wish to add a pretty button or a vintage button to your gadget cosy. Stitch a medium button to the centre of the ribbed edge on one side of the cosy (this will then be the front). Take a length of yarn approximately 10cm long. Tie a knot at one end and trim the yarn just above the knot. Stitch the other end of yarn to the inside centre of the ribbed edge. Wrap the yarn around the button a couple of times to keep the gadget safe and secure.


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the cute pattern.

  2. Lovely! I'd say it takes more than an hour to make (or maybe I'm just slow!) but the results are brilliant! Thanks x

  3. new to the world of knitting and seems a nice simple piece to knit up. thanks for the idea =)

  4. Could I adapt it for a laptop cover? How many would you cast on?

  5. Lovely. What did you do about the buttonhole?

  6. Thanks, just what I'm looking for.

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  8. No button hole needed. Ribbing acts like cuff of a jumper so slightly narrower if tension is right. You could also use a bit of shearing elastic in ribbing stitches.

  9. What ply wool would you use?