Saturday, 18 May 2013

A handmade gift using new skills

I'm just coming to the end of my current 'learn to crochet' course at Sandbach High School. I had 10 ladies on the course, which is quite a large group to get around and give everyone the attention they deserve. But everyone seems really happy with the new skills they've learnt and I've enjoyed teaching them and passing on my skills, knowledge and tips and tricks to make their crochet look really neat and professional.

One of my current students, brought along something special to the class last week - a beautiful and thoughtful handmade gift for a friend who'd apparently made a few jokes about her learning to crochet. I'm sure she'll be fully converted through when she sees the beautiful projects Kathryn has made for her. Kathryn kindly sent me some photos for me to blog about and I'm sure you'll agree that her work is really beautiful. First she made a basket to hold her handmade crochet gifts, and added a scarf, a washcloth, and a crochet-covered pebble. Kathryn also added a freebie from a magazine and a daisy washcloth - although she said she may struggle to part with the washcloth and I can understand why!!

I thought this was one of the nicest ideas for a handmade gift that I've seen for a while and I might have to steal Kathryn's idea for a relative who has a big birthday coming up soon. I see crochet bunting, some wristlets, a brooch and a cute little amigurumi in my basket - what would you put in yours?

If you'd like to learn some new skills, I'll be continuing to teach knitting and crochet at Sandbach from September, but if you can't wait until them you could pop along to "Make with Mabel" (click here) in Knutsford where I will be running knitting workshops and courses. Tracey Todhunter will be running crochet classes (click here) and there are lots more skills to learn too, from beading, felting and quilting, to lampshade making and sewing. I will be listed my courses shortly, so watch this space.

Handmade gifts are always the best xx happy crafting xx


  1. I am in my early twenties and I think this is a very beautiful basket. :) I have just take up interest in crochet and this is definitely something that draws my attention. Great Job!!

  2. Thanks it was all made by a lady fairly new to crochet. It's amazing the things you can do with just a few basic skills. Good luck with your crochet x