Thursday, 25 April 2013

Exciting times at Lynne's Knits

I hope you're all enjoying the slight rise in temperature. I'm not shivering anymore and there's no need to wear a scarf in the house now - at long last!!. We've turned the heating off the timer and just pop it on for an hour when we're feeling a little chilly.
It's been an exciting week here at Lynne's Knits. As I enter my third year of self-employment, I wondered how it could top my busy second year, which involved lots of design commissions for magazines, teaching knit and crochet regularly and authoring my first book which is due out in the next few months - can you see my name in the top left corner? It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Well, I have some exciting things to tell you:
1. My classes at Sandbach School are increasingly popular. My latest learn to crochet course has 10 lovely ladies (quite a big number to teach but fingers crossed it work OK).Three people had to be turned away which is a shame, but hopefully they'll come along to the next course.
2. This week I had a business meeting with the lively (and lovely) ladies at Aunty Mabel's Seat - a gorgeous interior design studio in Knutsford, Cheshire. Rebecca and Louise are creating an amazing craft room and I'll be running knitting workshops and courses. My good friend Tracey Todhunter will be running crochet courses (see Tracey's fab blog here) and Ouisie Gresty will be running sewing classes (see Ouisies's gorgeous blog here). I'm so excited and honoured to be part of their new adventure and can't wait to get planning!!! The business meeting made me realise how lucky I am to craft full time for a living. It was so much fun and we got a little giddy making pom-poms - a far cry from the business meetings I used to have in my previous job which were 'oh so serious' and people struggled to crack a smile. There's an open day on May 11th. and I'll be blogging more about it soon.
3. I met Ouisie Gresty at Aunty Mabel's Seat. She kept her light under a bushel for the first hour. When she told me who she was I nearly dropped off my chair in delight. She's only the designer of the most amazing felt biscuits and cakes that so often appear on the front of Mollie Makes. I think I'll definitely be attending one of her classes.
4. This week I've been working on a sample for a publisher. I really can't believe my luck. I sent off various proposals quite a while ago now (last year sometime) and they're interested in one of them. I'm hoping the sample will clinch the deal. They're small and cute and one of my favourite fun things to crochet - have you guessed yet? Well I can't give too much away but it's an amigurumi book. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response and I'll keep you informed of any decisions.
5. I have an interview in this Month's Let's Get Crafting Magazine - all about me and my work, including my upcoming book. How exciting is that? I'm so grateful to them for their continued support. I also have 2 funky projects in this fun celebratory edition (50th issue), which is one of my favourite issues so far. I designed an ice-cream sundae party had and some cute bunny ears.

6. I received a review copy of Debbie Bliss's latest book this week from the kind people at Quadrille Crafts. Debbie Bliss is one of my favourite designers and I love her yarns, so I'm honoured to be reviewing her book. I'll post the review shortly along with a book giveaway, so you could be the proud owner of this fab book.

So it's busy, busy for me here at Lynne's Knits (and that's just this week!!!)  and there are lots of other things in the pipeline too. I'm trying not to work all hours and to keep things manageable. I even tidied up my craft room yesterday. I just need to clean up the table now and I'll be able to work up there now that the warmer weather is here.

I'd love to hear what you've been up to too. Happy Crafting xxxxxxx


  1. Hi love ;)

    I really enjoyed yesterday too. It was so lovely to meet you and I'm so excited to get started! It is fabulous to be surrounded by people who are on your wavelength and to all get a a bit giddy about work...certainly doesn't feel like the meetings of old.

    I will certainly be taking classes with you and Tracey. I actually have a vintage knitting bag full of wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks and a couple of really old patterns that I would love to learn how to use!! I love the feel of wool and remember my mum knitting and my aunt crocheting as a child ;)

    Ouissi xx

    1. I'm looking forward to helping you make use of your vintage treasures Ouissi xx

  2. Oh I am so so happy for you! You are an inspiration!