Saturday, 23 March 2013

Homemaker Magazine Review

Well, you wouldn't think that spring was upon us and Easter is just a few days away. Not when the garden looks like this.

In the midst of the cold snap, I'm nursing a sore face, after some major dental surgery, that involved an operation and stitches. Ouch!! The stitches are out and swelling has almost gone so I'm just left with a yellowish cheek and tender gum. At least it's all over and done with. Let's hope it's done the trick and the abscess has gone for good.

So image my delight when I returned home from my traumatic treatment to find that the postie had left this:

Homemaker is a new magazine, brought to you by Aceville - the same company that publish Let's Get Crafting, Let's Knit, and lots of other crafty and lifestyle titles.

Here's my independant review of issue 4, which I hope will help you to decide whether to give it a try. Homemaker has it's own website too, with lots of free downloads, some great blog posts and fab competitions:

Things I like:
  • The interviews - there are so many interesting interviews and tutorial with famous celebrities, including Twiggy, Paul Hollywood, Wayne Hemmingway and Anthea Turner - all informative and entertaining.
  • The makes - wow - so many gorgeous makes, from sewing, painting and baking to crochet and  needlecraft.
  • The chats - meet the makers for inspiring chats about their designing and creativity, including a chat with successful illustrator Alice Pattullo. I love her unique style and you can see more of it here:

  • In addition, there are stylish and trendy home accessories to ogle and desire.
  • I love the fact that I've already picked up this magazine 3 or 4 times, and haven't read half of it, which makes it great value for money.
  • Finally, I mustn't forget my "BEACH" themed lettering on page 50. You can download the pattern free here:

I normally list the things I don't like, but there's nothing not to like about this mag. It's just packed from the first page to the last with great stuff.

So, if you're looking for a interesting and informative read or looking for inspiration and new ideas, then look no further than Homemaker.

Happy Crafting xx

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