Thursday, 7 March 2013

Catching Up

Crikey - how long has it been since I last blogged? Too long that's for sure, and I definitely failed my New Year's Resolution of blogging more often. Still, it's not the end of the world, and here I am with my latest news.

The book: I've finally finished the 30 hat designs and samples for the book. What a lot of work it was. I knitted all hours for weeks and still ran out of time. Luckily the publishers had a freelance knitter on hand who knitted up some of the last few designs. Phew. Although I haven't actually seen what they look like, so hopefully what was in my head has transposed well to the finished design. I still have some intro chapters to finish and the whole book to proof read at some point. Then it will be printed and on the shelves - how exciting. Don't worry - be assured that I'll be telling everyone when it's finally on sale. Here's a sneaky peak at one of the hats knitted with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK - isn't it cute?

Commissions: I also finished my 10 Vintage Seaside Knits for Knit Today Mag. They'll be published in a free book with issue 86. The projects enjoyed a little day trip to Bournemouth for a photoshoot in a beach hut - I wish I could have gone too!! I'm sure they'll look fab and I really enjoyed designing them and can't wait to see them in print. I'm commission free at the moment but I'm just waiting for yarns to arrive for a couple of crochet and knitting commissions. Here are some of my latest published designs - I really enjoyed designing the long socks and would like to design more but the knitted custard creams and pink wafers are my favourite:


Editing: I've been busy working with a new magazine, which is really exciting. I don't know how I got into this work but I really enjoy it. I work closely with two other ladies to produce each issue from start to finish, including copy editing/tech editing the crochet patterns in each issue and proof reading the whole mag. It's hard work and a lot of responsibility as you need to be extremely diligent to make sure there are no errors, either within the patterns or within the general text. The magazine is a new partworks mag that's going out to test soon, so fingers crossed it will be popular and go to full run. There are 80 issues so that will keep me busy for a couple years.

So that's what's keeping me busy at the moment. I hope things are going well for you too, whatever you're doing. Happy crafting xx

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  1. No wonder you have not been blogging Lynne - you have been super busy! Love the ladybird lug warming device! The biscuits look good enough to eat and what fine socks!
    Looking forward to seeing your book on the shelves! Your editing sounds hard work but fun!
    Glad you have some breathing space from commissions but good that you are busy!
    Keep up the great work
    Ali x