Saturday, 20 October 2012

Proud of my Knitting ladies

I'm currently running an intermediate knitting class through the Sandbach Adult Education Programme. At £40 for 5 classes it's bRiLliAntT value.
I was a little apprehensive to say the least about running an intermediate class - what if everyone was more advance than I anticipated? what will we make? Will I be able to keep everyone interested enough for 5 weeks.
I was even more nervous when I was told there were 9 ladies registered. OMG!!! Nine!!
Last minute as usual, I quickly designed a pretty christmas stocking that incorporated various intermediate techniques. We started week one with a fancy edging zig zag strip, then picked up the main stitches from the long length of the strip. We moved on to some simple fairisle then week three took us to the heel. Week four involved some slipped stitch patterning and toe shaping. Some ladies have finished their stockings and others have a little more to do. I was so proud of my ladies. They had only knitted basic stitches and followed basic patterns and they took to the new techniques really well. I'm so impressed with their new found skills and I hope it gives them the confidence to go away and try some more advanced patterns.

Look at their LoVeLy stockings:

Aren't they fAb. We have one week left after half term to learn something new. Can't wait. Then I'll be running a learn to crochet course.

If you live locally to Sandbach you may wish to come along - for more information click here.....