Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Two Little Pigs

About a year ago, I designed a series of 6 toys for Knit Magazine. I really enjoyed designing them  - a cat, a fox, a penguin, a mouse, cakes and a pig.

4 of them were published. Then Knit Mag conducted  a customer survey and the overall feedback concluded that readers didn't want toys in the magazine as they felt they were more suited to knitting mags like Simply Knitting and Knit Today. Oh well, you can't please everyone .....

However, I did received some great feedback from readers and I'm pleased to say that my cat, fox, penguin and pig were well liked.

I have to admit, I'd forgotten about the toys, until I looked on Ravelry recently and found that a couple of Knit Mag readers had knitted up my Peover Pig. I was thrilled to see the photos, so I thought I'd share one of them with you.

Meet Pat Pig, knitted by Pearlcable on Ravelry. Pearlcable works in a wool shop (what a fab job!!) and Pat is her boss. She finished her Pig on Pat’s birthday, which is why she's called Pat too. Click here to see more of Pearlcable's lovely knitting projects.

Pat Pig looks just like the twin sister of my very own Peover Pig - don't you think...you can barely tell the difference. I love to see readers versions of my designs, especially when they turn out exactly the same. Both pigs are knitted in Sirdar Baby Crofter DK (Shade Pinkie 155) which is really soft and beautiful to knit with.

I was delighted to find that my mouse cuddle cushion is being featured in Yarnwise issue 50 - she's such a cutie - I can't wait to see her in print. I hope you'll love her too.

If you'd like to knit up your own Pig, the pattern will be available soon in my various online shops. In the meantime, happy knitting (or crocheting) xx


  1. What a perfect pair of pretty pink pigs! How amazing that they are so alike! They remind me a little of Clangers...is that showing my age?!
    Really exciting to see you have so many magazine commissions on the go.....keep up the great designing!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali - I can't believe that they're so alike too. Thanks for your lovely comments. Hope you're well too xx

  2. I really like these pretty pigs :)Esp pearlcable's!!

  3. Gorgeous little piggies - your pattern must be extremely good to get such an identical finish ;) Shaz x