Friday, 25 May 2012

Crochet at 36,000 feet

I've just returned from the most relaxing holiday with my lovely hubby and son. It was a real treat for the three of us to spend the week together - no work, no phones, no computers and best of all no noisy X-box -Yippee (although hubby would probably say "best of all no knitting or crochet"!!).

However, one small problem I have with overseas holidays is that I don't like flying. Not one tiny bit. I've learned not to panic beforehand, so at least I didn't have sleepless nights on the holiday run up. But when the plane lifts off I really start to panic. I struggle to read a book as this needs concentration, and I'm constantly having mild heart attacks as the plane tilts this way and that, as the pilot finds the right flight path. How on earth people look out of the window I'll never know. I'm firmly bolted to my seat for the duration of the flight, counting the minutes until landing, not looking at how pretty the english coastline looks from 36,000 feet up!!!

But this year I had a brain wave. I decided to take some crochet with me.

Now, I know that people have had their knitting and crochet equipment confiscated at check-in before now, so I thought carefully about my plan. I'd take some oddments of red, white and blue yarn that wasn't precious (or expensive) and a cheap plastic hook, just in case they were viewed as dangerous weapons - afterall, I could potentially tie up the pilot with my yarn and poke him in the eye with my crochet hook - couldn't I?

I packed my secret stash neatly in a little canvas bag, in my hand luggage. And guess what? I made it through all the technical processes without so much as a bleep. Success!!! Now I can crochet on the plane. And that's what I did, both outwards and inwards. I crocheted some pretty jubilee bunting for the garden. Now I know you're wondering how I cut my yarn after each round - well, I used my house keys - ingenious. I also read this month's Mollie Makes as the plane took off and landed - thanks Mollie Makes for another great issue. It really helped me to stay calm

Do you recognise the pattern? I blogged about it here - it's one of my designs from last month's Let's Get Crafting magazine.

Unfortunately I can't share the pattern with you yet, so I've found some other bunting patterns that are equally as pretty. Just click on the title to go to the blog page. You'll find their patterns plus handy how-to photos.

They'd look fab in red, white and blue, so if you start now you'll have a strip ready for your jubilee (or olympic) celebrations.

Happy crocheting xx

heart bunting by Julia Crossland

 Heart bunting by Sarahndipities


  1. So glad you had a nice holiday. Love your bunting too - and thanks for the shout out for mine which is finally dry after a week in the wet weather!

  2. I must remember that next time Im flying. Someone who hand sews told me they smuggled a sewing needle inside the spine of a book. I wonder would plastic knitting needles go through....must give it a try