Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. I know I've negected my blog lately and I feel sooooo bad. But I've had so many knit and crochet projects on the go lately, that I've struggled to find the time to breathe, let alone write a blog post. But I'm back after another busy week and promise to try and blog more often. I wish I could share my projects with you, but unfortunately they're secret projects for now until the various magazines are published. Then I'll have my Taa-daa moments.

We had our annual Easter Egg hunt. It's not a big affair - we just hide mini eggs and chocolate chicks all around the house in little nooks and crannys. I was amazed that our youngest managed to reach up above door frames and on top of pictures to retrieve eggs. He's growing up fast and is almost as tall as me. I'm not sure how much longer he'll want an egg hunt, which is sad, but we'll have lots of lovely memories to keep us smiling.

At the last knitting class before the Easter break, we knitted chicks for chocolate eggs. I think Emma's addicted to making them - so far she's made 3 that I know of. Pip also brought along her latest knitted creation. A cute little stuffed chick, perfect for Easter. As she pulled him out of her bag we all squealed with delight and promptly received a little 'telling off' from the tutor next door for being noisy whilst she had an exam in progress. Ooops. We tried to squee a little quieter during the class, but it was difficult as the ladies produced various yummy yarns they'd purchased for their ever growing yarn stashes. It's surprising how quickly a yarn stash can build - one minute you have a few lovely balls of yarn - the next a few boxes full. Only one knit class left then we're back to crochet. I'm missing crochet at the minute as all my big projects are knitting. Here are Pip and Emma's fab Easter Chicks:

My Easter knits were published in Knit Today issue 70, including Loopy Lamb Finger Puppet, Bunny Hat, Mr. & Mrs. Chirp Egg Cosies, Easter Tree Eggs, and Flower Mug Hug. Here are a couple of photos of my favourites, what do you think?:


  1. love the flower mug hug.
    hope you had a nice easter, ali

  2. Love all your Eatser knits and those you have inspired and nurtured!
    The fab flower mug hug deserves special praise - so colourful and spring like!
    Looking forward to hearing about your crochet classes too!
    Ali x