Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today I’m celebrating a year of being self-employed full time and as Victor Meldrew often says – I can’t believe it. The year has passed so quickly. It doesn’t seem a moment ago that I was employed by the Environment Agency as their Regional Waste Data lead. When I think back, I both worked and lead on some great initiatives for the North West, which make me feel proud. I co-wrote the North West Regional Waste Strategy and the subsequent annual waste monitoring reports. These provided detailed technical waste data and information to help local authorities plan for waste – making sure they have the right sorts of facilities in the right places at the right time. I lead the first North West Regional Industrial and Commercial Waste Survey despite being told “it wasn’t possible with the limited funding we had”. This was a success and was subsequently used by Defra as a blueprint for other regional surveys. I worked on lots of other equally successful projects and initiatives and feel really proud of my achievements.

I decided to give up the world of waste for knitting and crochet and one year on, I don’t regret that decision one bit.

I’ve been far busier that I could ever imagine and I haven’t even started half of the initial ideas I had. I simply haven’t had enough time at the moment, but hopefully that will change. I’ve had over 40,000 hits on my blog – how did that happen??? and my facebook and twitter followers are ever growing.

I’ve been working with Let’s Get Crafting, Knit Today, Inside Crochet, Knit Magazine and Knit Now, and I’ve designed some lovely projects that I’ve been really pleased with. I’ve noticed that my designs are getting more refined and I’m pushing myself to use techniques that I don’t really like, such as knitting on dpns (urghhh!!!) and intarsia/fairisle (even bigger urghhhhhh!!!!).

I’ve also been working with a big publications company on a new crochet part-works magazine. Exciting. I’m providing crochet advice and technical input as well as sub-editing the pattern, proofing the mag and designing a different crochet square per issue which will be made up into a project at the end. Really interesting stuff. Hopefully, if the full 60 issues go ahead I can design some of the patterns too.

Not to mention the knit and crochet classes that I've been running at Sandbach School. So far I've taught 20 people to knit or crochet. Fab.

I’ve enjoyed making some new knitty friends, like Tracey, Emma and Ali, even if I haven’t met some of them in real life. They’re really supportive and inspirational too and I wish them all the best in their crafty adventures. I'd recommend their blogs for some great recipes, knitting and crochet patterns and for generally making you feel happy. I really hope the next year is as successful as the last and I promise – yes promise to post some more free patterns to share.

Thanks for all your support and here’s to another great year xx Lynne xx


  1. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Success comes through hard work, determination and a positive attitude. You have all three :)
    All the best
    Tracey x

  2. Happy Anniversary Lynne! Fascinating to hear about your pre-full-time-crafty life too!
    Great that you have been so busy, creative and positive - looking forward to following your next colourful exciting and inspiring year! Ali x

  3. Hope your business continues to grow and you have even more success next year.
    Wish I lived closer and could attend your crochet classes! Ali.