Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What I'm up to at Number 10

It's very difficult for me to always share what I'm working on; mainly because they're magazine commissions and I have to sign agreements which state that everything has to be Confidential (until published). So that's that really. Otherwise, I'm working on designs for my own shop, although these are few and far between at the moment as I'm soooo busy busy (I'm certainly not complaining though).

I've recently designed someting pReTtY for Inside Crochet along with a written article and something cute for Let's Get Crafting (baby edition) which involved crochet intarsia. This is a technique I've been wanting to perfect and I think I did it well with this project. I'm working on more for Let's Get Crafting (a very BrItIsH theme), a commission for a new Mag called Knit Now and I'm in discussions with a PR company about broccoli (yes that's right - BrOcCoLi)...... I get the strangest requests.

I've been working on some cute amigurumi - not my own designs, but from books already available on the shelves. I can't say too much about this, but can show you the things I made - aren't they the CuTeSt?

I've also been enjoying some of my lovely christmas presents. Some fab books, a beautiful handmade candle in a retro cup and saucer (made by one of my talented daughters) and a gorgeous vintage handbag - just like my NaN had, with a ClIcKy fasten and everything. I've been looking everywhere for a good quality, not-too-expensive one, and my daughter came up tRuMpS x My other daughter bought me the Debbie Bliss 'Knitters Year' book, and the novel, which I can't wait to read. I love Debbie Bliss. Her designs are simple yet CHiC. Something I'm aiming for with my work. The crochet books weren't technically for Christmas, they're part of the amigurumi project, but receiving these books from the publishing company was like an early Christmas present - I'm sure you can image how eXcItEd I was - lots of ooohs and arhhhhs from me, and some eyebrow raising from Mr. R.

Last but not least I've joined Lupin Handmade's 'Less 365' Project. Click here for more details. Basically, you find one item a day that you no longer want or need and give it to someone else - either a relative, friend or charity. I've made a fab start and today I sorted out a nice handful of nearly new books for the charity shop, which has put me ahead by a few days. I've given some nice new things to my daughters and have a few things that I may sell on ebay, not to mention a fab pair of curtains and a matching bedcover from Master O's room which I hope will make another little boy happy. Bless him, he's put up with his toddler curtains for years now, and we've been promising him some more grown-up ones for AgEs. FiNaLlY, aT LasT, he has his grown up bedroom. Although if you look closely you'll see his favourite cuddly toy on his pillow - pingu the penguin. He's been washed and washed and still goes along with Master O if he sleeps anywhere. SWeEt xx

xxxxxxxxx Well that's my news for now, I promise to post a FrEe pattern soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Very excited to hear more about what you've been up to Lynne - and love the new look blog.

  2. LOVE the little cat, which book is the pattern from?

  3. Hi Rachel - it's Mrs Mittens from Nicki Trench's book Super-cute crochet. She was really quick and easy to make xx