Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let's Get Crafting Issue 38

The postman brought a lovely surpise a couple of days ago, with Let's Get Crafting issue 38. The focus is baby things, and I have to say, this is one of my favourtie colour palettes so far and the projects are  so aDoRabLe....

I made it to the fRoNt CoVeR again with my pretty baby blanket and bootees. I always feel so proud when my projects are on the front cover.

I haven't designed crochet bootees before so this was a bit of a learning curve. It took me a while to get these right - the first pair had a 'saggy' sole, so I had to re-write the pattern, using double crochet and less rounds. Unfortunately, I didn't amend the pattern properly. I somehow managed to re-write some bits, but not others, so I had a few exchanges of emails with Let's Get Crafting to sort it out. Oops - How VeRy unprofessional and not like me at all, but it has taught me to be a little more vigilant in my pattern write ups. I like things to be right, so I was quite mortified that I'd sent in a pattern with errors. I suppose this sort of thing is bound to happen now and again - I'm only human afterall......

The blanket is quite small, but you could easily make it larger by crocheting additional rounds with some extra yarn from your stash - a great stash-busting project. I really enjoyed creating this blanket - it's inspired me to design a 'grown up' blanket for the conservatory in nice earthy tweeds. Just saving my pennies for the yarn.

So here's a sneaky peak of Issue 38. Photos kindly supplied by Let's Get Crafting mag. It's well worth a buy, with some lovely patterns and interesting articles.

What do you think?


  1. lynne, the bootees are soooooo cute

  2. Have you seen my version of the pram blanket?