Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well, Christmas has been and gone and I've just started to take my decorations down for another year. I bought some lovely star decorations in the sale, and some new star lights this year, so I'll look forward to seeing those again next year.

Looking back over the past year, the one thing I can say for definite is that it's flown by. This time last year I was waiting patiently to see if my application for Voluntary Early Release (from work - not prison LOL) was accepted. It was, and I precariously ventured into the world of self-employment. Of course, what I didn't realise was that self-employment means working all hours - much more than 'paid' employment, being a jack of all trades and not earning very much at all. However, I absolutely love it and something ReAlLy exciting happened just before christmas. A very good lady called emma recommended me to a publishing company who are working on a NeW crochet mag (I can't say much more, but it's all Sooooo cute). As a result, I have lots and lots of work AnD, not only am I working up samples and translating patterns, I also acting as a CoNsUlTaNt for the mag. Can you believe it? ME - a consultant. AMaZiNg.

So my new year has started off well. Long my it continue. I have lots of commissions to work on, I want to develop my teaching skills further in knit and crochet and I want to build up my own library of patterns too - both to sell and share for FREE. I know everybody likes FREE things xx

So here's a little collection of my favourite projects and memories from last year. I'm not sure which is my favourite project - perhaps the fox or penguin. I loved seeing my beautiful daughter all dressed up for her prom, and we enjoyed a lovely special evening at mum and dad's 50th. Wedding Anniversary. Our family holiday was wonderful in Menorca and we're going back again this year. CaN'T wAiT. ****LoVeLy HaPpY MeMoRiEs**** xx

Happy New Year to you all. I hope it's a happy, healthy and crafty 2012 xx


  1. Well done! I'm not AT ALL surprised you've been asked to be a consultant. I look forward to buying the new mag.
    If you ever want a novice to road test your patterns I'm here, it would help to increase my skills as well as being fun.
    I name checked you on my new crochet blog by the way... :-)


  2. Lynne you're a natural. keep up the good work. Theres nothing better than seeing your work in print, we are all very proud of you. Heres to 2012... Cx