Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let's Get Crafting Issue 38

The postman brought a lovely surpise a couple of days ago, with Let's Get Crafting issue 38. The focus is baby things, and I have to say, this is one of my favourtie colour palettes so far and the projects are  so aDoRabLe....

I made it to the fRoNt CoVeR again with my pretty baby blanket and bootees. I always feel so proud when my projects are on the front cover.

I haven't designed crochet bootees before so this was a bit of a learning curve. It took me a while to get these right - the first pair had a 'saggy' sole, so I had to re-write the pattern, using double crochet and less rounds. Unfortunately, I didn't amend the pattern properly. I somehow managed to re-write some bits, but not others, so I had a few exchanges of emails with Let's Get Crafting to sort it out. Oops - How VeRy unprofessional and not like me at all, but it has taught me to be a little more vigilant in my pattern write ups. I like things to be right, so I was quite mortified that I'd sent in a pattern with errors. I suppose this sort of thing is bound to happen now and again - I'm only human afterall......

The blanket is quite small, but you could easily make it larger by crocheting additional rounds with some extra yarn from your stash - a great stash-busting project. I really enjoyed creating this blanket - it's inspired me to design a 'grown up' blanket for the conservatory in nice earthy tweeds. Just saving my pennies for the yarn.

So here's a sneaky peak of Issue 38. Photos kindly supplied by Let's Get Crafting mag. It's well worth a buy, with some lovely patterns and interesting articles.

What do you think?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Show and Tell - Knit Today

Now, I'm not very good at show and tell. I see my projects in magazines and I have the very best of intentions to scan the images and show them to you. But I seem to fail miserably. The days pass, then the weeks, and the next thing I know, the next issue is out and the moment has passed. But that's all going to change this year, as I'm going to show you eVeRy magazine issue that I'm featured in. I'm usually pleased with my designs - and these Valentine's Knits in this month's Knit Today are no exception. They even made it to the FrOnT cOvEr. How ExCiTiNg......

A manly phone cosy
A pair of mug rugs
Two cute little cupcake pin cushions
A pretty coin purse with a pom pom attached to the zip fasten
some card embellishments
and last but certainly not least, a mug hug
Here they are on the front cover (just visible in the top left corner)

Which is your favourite?

There are some other lovely knits in this Month'sKnit Today and some interesting articles  - it's definitely worth a buy xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

How Could I Resist

How could I resist? Three little bags of yUmMy cHoCoLaTeY hEaVeN for just £2. Can you blame me? They're not even out of date or anything.....

I'll let you into a secret. One bag is nearly empty and the other two are not far behind (she says, with a chocolatey smile!!).

Then I went into the kitchen to make some lunch. Opened the cupboard to get my gluten free crackers out and saw this....

Do you think I possibly have enough coconut macaroons? I think there are 5 boxes, which makes 30 in all. 30? Well actual 29 (I seemed to have just eaten one). Surely that's far too many for one small person.....

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What I'm up to at Number 10

It's very difficult for me to always share what I'm working on; mainly because they're magazine commissions and I have to sign agreements which state that everything has to be Confidential (until published). So that's that really. Otherwise, I'm working on designs for my own shop, although these are few and far between at the moment as I'm soooo busy busy (I'm certainly not complaining though).

I've recently designed someting pReTtY for Inside Crochet along with a written article and something cute for Let's Get Crafting (baby edition) which involved crochet intarsia. This is a technique I've been wanting to perfect and I think I did it well with this project. I'm working on more for Let's Get Crafting (a very BrItIsH theme), a commission for a new Mag called Knit Now and I'm in discussions with a PR company about broccoli (yes that's right - BrOcCoLi)...... I get the strangest requests.

I've been working on some cute amigurumi - not my own designs, but from books already available on the shelves. I can't say too much about this, but can show you the things I made - aren't they the CuTeSt?

I've also been enjoying some of my lovely christmas presents. Some fab books, a beautiful handmade candle in a retro cup and saucer (made by one of my talented daughters) and a gorgeous vintage handbag - just like my NaN had, with a ClIcKy fasten and everything. I've been looking everywhere for a good quality, not-too-expensive one, and my daughter came up tRuMpS x My other daughter bought me the Debbie Bliss 'Knitters Year' book, and the novel, which I can't wait to read. I love Debbie Bliss. Her designs are simple yet CHiC. Something I'm aiming for with my work. The crochet books weren't technically for Christmas, they're part of the amigurumi project, but receiving these books from the publishing company was like an early Christmas present - I'm sure you can image how eXcItEd I was - lots of ooohs and arhhhhs from me, and some eyebrow raising from Mr. R.

Last but not least I've joined Lupin Handmade's 'Less 365' Project. Click here for more details. Basically, you find one item a day that you no longer want or need and give it to someone else - either a relative, friend or charity. I've made a fab start and today I sorted out a nice handful of nearly new books for the charity shop, which has put me ahead by a few days. I've given some nice new things to my daughters and have a few things that I may sell on ebay, not to mention a fab pair of curtains and a matching bedcover from Master O's room which I hope will make another little boy happy. Bless him, he's put up with his toddler curtains for years now, and we've been promising him some more grown-up ones for AgEs. FiNaLlY, aT LasT, he has his grown up bedroom. Although if you look closely you'll see his favourite cuddly toy on his pillow - pingu the penguin. He's been washed and washed and still goes along with Master O if he sleeps anywhere. SWeEt xx

xxxxxxxxx Well that's my news for now, I promise to post a FrEe pattern soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well, Christmas has been and gone and I've just started to take my decorations down for another year. I bought some lovely star decorations in the sale, and some new star lights this year, so I'll look forward to seeing those again next year.

Looking back over the past year, the one thing I can say for definite is that it's flown by. This time last year I was waiting patiently to see if my application for Voluntary Early Release (from work - not prison LOL) was accepted. It was, and I precariously ventured into the world of self-employment. Of course, what I didn't realise was that self-employment means working all hours - much more than 'paid' employment, being a jack of all trades and not earning very much at all. However, I absolutely love it and something ReAlLy exciting happened just before christmas. A very good lady called emma recommended me to a publishing company who are working on a NeW crochet mag (I can't say much more, but it's all Sooooo cute). As a result, I have lots and lots of work AnD, not only am I working up samples and translating patterns, I also acting as a CoNsUlTaNt for the mag. Can you believe it? ME - a consultant. AMaZiNg.

So my new year has started off well. Long my it continue. I have lots of commissions to work on, I want to develop my teaching skills further in knit and crochet and I want to build up my own library of patterns too - both to sell and share for FREE. I know everybody likes FREE things xx

So here's a little collection of my favourite projects and memories from last year. I'm not sure which is my favourite project - perhaps the fox or penguin. I loved seeing my beautiful daughter all dressed up for her prom, and we enjoyed a lovely special evening at mum and dad's 50th. Wedding Anniversary. Our family holiday was wonderful in Menorca and we're going back again this year. CaN'T wAiT. ****LoVeLy HaPpY MeMoRiEs**** xx

Happy New Year to you all. I hope it's a happy, healthy and crafty 2012 xx