Monday, 16 May 2011


Inspiration is a strange beast. The main question is - where do you find it? My search for inspiration, to design a new knit or crochet pattern, usually follows the same routine of searching through vintage patterns and pattern books, trawling the internet to see what's currently popular, staring with anticipation at my yarn stash, looking though fashion magazines, watching TV - let's face it, inspiration is everywhere.

Sometimes I simply come up against a brick wall and can't find the elusive inspiration anywhere. Other times, magazine commissions are quite specific about what projects they would like, so I already have a great starting point.

I keep looking for the inspiration to design 'signature' patterns - something that will be instantly recognisable as mine - but so far have failed miserably, as all my patterns are different. I need a cute range of toys, baby bootees or more cakes, but I can't seem to focus long enough these days to produce a 'range' of signature patterns. Must try harder!!

This week my knitted donuts were featured on Folksy front page - what an honour - it really cheered me up. They were amidst lots of other delicious looking donuts. They've been featured a few times, and they're also one of my most popular sellers - maybe that's telling me something. My donuts are on the top row, in the middle. I have one left to buy, from my folksy shop here.

Well I'm off to find inspiration for my next design - maybe I'll find it hidden in a packet of biscuits or a box of cakes!!!!

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