Friday, 13 May 2011

Back with Folksy Friday

Well, I know I've been really bad at blogging lately, about 5-6 weeks to be exact. My main excuse was that I had 12 knitting projects to design and submit by 9th. May. Two for one magazine (Let's Get Crafting) and 10 for Knit Today. Luckily, I had already started and finished one of the LGC designs when Knit Today asked me to design 10 knits for a Christmas Decoration booklet which will be free with their Christmas Edition of Knit Today. Imagine that - a little booklet full of my designs. I would love to write a full book of knitting or crochet patterns, so this is a little step towards that dream.

When I accepted the commission, I totally forgot that the kids would be off school - oops. Luckily the weather was gorgeous so we hung about in the garden a lot and I was able to fit quite a bit of knitting and designing into my days, whilst dodging footballs and being 'shot' at quite a lot during games of 'army'. Somehow we seem to end up with the whole neighbourhood in our garden, so it was rather noisy at times. It was strange too, knitting christmas stuff in the hot sunshine.

Despite the distractions, I made the deadlines and both magazine editors were really pleased with my designs. So was I, to be honest, and I can't wait to see them all in print.

So here I am, back with my first Folksy Fridy in a long time. This week it's my favourite colour, Green. Here are some of my favourite green goodies from some fab folksy sellers. Just click the image to go to the sellers shop.

The Knitted DuckKryshees
Nostalgia Knits Designs by Jojo
Jewellery Drops buy Lauramoody cow designs


  1. Love fresh Greens! Super choices (-;

  2. Thank you for featuring me. I will look out for those knitting magazines.

  3. Fab choices Lynne and thank you for featuring one of my purses and introducing me to some new shops I have not seen clever to crochet beads!
    Trish xx