Friday, 18 February 2011

Looking forward and folksy friday

It's been a strange old week this week. I finish work next Thursday, so I've been sorting some final files and papers and making lists of contacts etc., for my colleagues. Strangely, I don't feel too sad - I thought I'd be a lot more stressed about it all. I feel excited about the future which is great, although I'll definately miss my work colleagues, especially my lovely job share colleague. I'll keep in touch, so it shouldn't be too upsetting on my last day.

I'm planning and thinking about the future and how to expand my micro business into a small business. I've loads of ideas, I just need to put them into practice and give it a whirl.

So it's the end of the week already, and here's my folksy friday selection, continuing my clothing theme - this week it's jackets, one of my favourite items of clothing. I love the two military style jackets by Alice's Boutique and Fashion Couture. Gaia Noir has some amazing upcycled clothing and accessories - definately worth a look.

Click on the image to see more gorgeous items from these fab sellers and don't forget to click the back button to come back to my blog

Alice's Boutique Fashion Couture
Wardbrobe Surgeon La Costurera
Gaia Noir Betty and Butters


  1. Beautiful Jackets! I tend to end up wearing whatever is left in the cupboard, usually one of my eldest son's or hubby's, which swamp me completely. Would be lovely to have a professionally tailored hacket.

    Natalie x

  2. What a beautiful collection! Thank you:)