Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday and more changes

There's a lot of change happening here at the moment. My son moved school a couple of weeks ago and has settled in brilliantly. He loves it, which is great. Even more dramatic, I'm due to finish work in two weeks, after almost 20 years of working at the same organisation. Finito. I've been sorting and shredding at work, and making hand over notes for my colleagues. It strange that after all that time all that's left is a few bits of paper to hand over. BUT, more exciting is that fact that I'll be crafting full time - now the hard work will start as I try to make money from my craft expertise. I have some great ideas - lets hope they work.....

My folksy friday this week continues my 'clothing' theme. This week it's skirts. There are some gorgeous skirts, and here are just a few. As usual, just click on the picture to take you to the folksy shop for more gorgeous items. Don't forget to click the back button to come back to my blog....

Have a lovely weekend - I have some washing on the line today as the sun is out. Hope it stays around for a few days!!

Lovechild Boudoir Fashion Couture
Irreplaceable Annabella Designs
Molly Rouge's Boutique Eccentric Ella


  1. Hi Lynne,

    A lovely selection. I love the Governess skirt, although I definitely couldn't pull it off!

    Yay to you leaving work! I did it about six months ago, and haven't looked back. I hope it all works out for you.


  2. Fab selection, love the tie skirt - genius!

    Ursula x

  3. Wowwee, some big changes for you then.. I'm leaving work to become a full time mum and hoping to keep my crafts going at the same time. I don't think it will make up my salary just yet, lol, but it's a start.


  4. Lovely selection, haven`t seen many of those. Hope you get on really well with your big life change, scary but fun. Linda