Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mad as a Hatter

My daughter is busy rehearing for a ballet show - Alice in Wonderland. She's the Mad Hatter. I think secretly she would have liked to have been Alice, but as she has short brown hair, so that was unlikely.

Anyway, I'm now charged with creating a mad hatter costume akin to the Johnny Depp style, which is quite funky. She's needs to be able to dance in it though, which may be tricky.

Her wig has just arrived, it actually looks quite good - it should be for £22. She's wearing the same costume for the whole show, so it's not too bad I don't suppose. If you need a mad hatter wig, I can recommend this online company - http://www.escapade.co.uk/. The wig came within a few days and is good quality. The only alternative from our local fancy dress shop was more of a clown's wig, which wouldn't have looked as good. We did buy a great hat though for just £7.99 - a real bargain from King's Party Emporium. We just need to cut off the fuzzy orange hair.
I can't wait to watch - she's an amazing dancer and hopes to dance as a career.
She's off to an audition in Manchester this afternoon for a post 16 dance course. Hope I can watch!!

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