Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Stone

I've been to the gym this morning, I don't think about it too much or I would never get there. It was quite busy with lots of ladies today, but I managed to get through my routine without collapsing. Some of my gym lady friends tried to get me to join them in the X-biking class. I do this on a Tuesday and let me tell you - once a week is definately enough. I'd love a bottom like Kylie (who wouldn't), but torturing myself isn't the answer. I'll just live with what I've got. So no X-biking for me today. There were some great tunes on the big screen and some 70's/80's classic - gary numan, blondie, the jacksons. Takes me back a few years - I loved Debbie Harry and Blondie - she was amazing and so pretty. I really must buy Blondie's greatest hits at some point.

On to folksy friday - continuing with the paper, scissors, stone theme this week it's stone. Here's my folksy goodies for this week. As usual just click the image to go to the shop. Don't forget to click the back button to come back to my blog....

Rae welch - Hearts-a-drfit Fragments of Light - Pebble heart Greeting CardQuilt Routes - Wall Hanging Kit Petal Textiles - Pebble Layers Hot Water BottleFour & Four Legs - Pebble Spider Abundant Glass - Valentine Love Pebbles


  1. Oh that hot water bottle cover is amazing! And the 'lil spider is cute :)
    Carol x

  2. Lovely choices, I really like the hot water bottle cover too.

  3. Such a lovely selection!especially love the valentines heart pebble and the hot water bottle cover,xx

  4. Thank you for including my pebble spider and I have to agree - the hot water bottle is fab!