Friday, 28 January 2011

Folksy Friday and Changes

Phew, what a week. We've had a big change this week, as my son has changed schools. It's something that we nearly did last year, but didn't. Things were no different this year with a new teacher, and my little boy wasn't really enjoying boot camp (sorry, school) at all. He's such a happy little soul, with a great sense of humour and clever too - such a shame the school didn't appreciate him a bit more. So, with his agreement, we tried a different school on Wednesday, and he started officially on Thursday. He's really enjoying it and seems happy, although he's missing his friends. We've promised to keep in touch with them, so that should solve that dilema. He certainly isn't missing his old drill sergeants (sorry - teachers!!!!)

On to Folksy Friday and my new theme of clothing. This week it's Tshirts. Wow there are so many Tshirts on folksy - I had no idea. Here are my fave's. As usual, just click on the link to go to the folksy shop and see more fab items from that seller. Don't forget to click the back button too. Hope you have a lovely weekend - the sun's out here - hooray!!

Waldo the Worm - Waldo T Shirt Lulu Cutie Originals - Funky Neck Tie T shirt
Conker Love - Dragonfly T shirt Pierre Cochon - Woof - Baby T Shirt
My Pip squeak - Moo T shirt Max and Molly Designs - Lazy Greyhound Vest

Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Stone

I've been to the gym this morning, I don't think about it too much or I would never get there. It was quite busy with lots of ladies today, but I managed to get through my routine without collapsing. Some of my gym lady friends tried to get me to join them in the X-biking class. I do this on a Tuesday and let me tell you - once a week is definately enough. I'd love a bottom like Kylie (who wouldn't), but torturing myself isn't the answer. I'll just live with what I've got. So no X-biking for me today. There were some great tunes on the big screen and some 70's/80's classic - gary numan, blondie, the jacksons. Takes me back a few years - I loved Debbie Harry and Blondie - she was amazing and so pretty. I really must buy Blondie's greatest hits at some point.

On to folksy friday - continuing with the paper, scissors, stone theme this week it's stone. Here's my folksy goodies for this week. As usual just click the image to go to the shop. Don't forget to click the back button to come back to my blog....

Rae welch - Hearts-a-drfit Fragments of Light - Pebble heart Greeting CardQuilt Routes - Wall Hanging Kit Petal Textiles - Pebble Layers Hot Water BottleFour & Four Legs - Pebble Spider Abundant Glass - Valentine Love Pebbles

Friday, 14 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Scissors

Well it's Friday again, and the weeks are flying by already. I've been noting down my pattern sales and sold 13 in the first week, and I'm up to 4 this week, with tomorrow to go. My aim is for a pattern a day, so 17 patterns in 13 days is good so far. I need more cute patterns to make more sales, so I'd better get designing. I've been "stalking" a few sellers on etsy and folksy who also sell knitting and crochet patterns. Some do amazingly well, selling 6-10 patterns a day - something I could only dream of. They have more patterns choices than I do, so I really need my creative juices to start flowing soon.......

I'm continuing my folksy friday theme of "Paper, Scissors, Stone" and this week it's "Scissors". There are some lovely items on folksy - just click the image to go to the shop to see more goodies from the seller. Don't forget to click the "back" button to come back to my blog and I'd love some more followers too xx. Have a lovely weekend, Lynne

Chic Unique UK - A Cut of Beauty Teasemade - Pendant, Scissors
Minnie Bats - Scissors Sixes and Sevens - Scissors, paper, stone cushion
Chasing Bella - Sew on and Sew on necklace I heart my art - Scissors necklance

Thursday, 13 January 2011

What's new this week?

Welcome to the first of my new weekly posts. Each week I will be showing you something new, either from myself or another crafter. I know it's the second week of the new year, so I've missed a week. Oops. If you know me, you'll know that's not unusual. I often 'miss the boat'. Not on purpose of course - sometimes life just gets in the way.....

We've been particularly busy these last two weeks, getting back into the swing of things, kids back to school and me and hubby back to work - bah humbug!! Still, it keeps us out of mischief I suppose. It's killed me though, getting up early again after a lovely christmas break and lots of lying in. I can't believe it's so dark in the mornings still. I'm looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather.

This year, one of my aims is to design more patterns for my online shops. My theory is - the more patterns I have, the more I'll sell. We'll see how that theory goes as the year moves on. I've started as I mean to go on and have written up my lastest design for my Hippo Twins. They really are soooo cute and I love the way they've turned out. They're featured in this Month's Let's Get Crafting Crochet, but I have received a copy yet, so haven't seen them in print. Perhaps I should buy a copy just in case I don't receive a complimentary one.

I've crocheted Harriet in red, white, pink and grey and she's really sweet, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm working on Harry in red, white, blue and grey. You can buy my hippo twins crochet pattern from my etsy shop, my folksy shop and on ravelry. I'd love to hear what you think, and if you have any ideas for a toy animal, please let me know. Just leave a comment.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Paper

Well, it's almost the end of the first week of the new year. It's flying by already. I'm still off work at the moment, so I'm trying to make the most of my last few days of freedom and I'm writing up a new pattern. It's featured in this month's let's get crafting magazine. I just need to take photographs of the different stages of crochet, but the light is really bad, so they're not great. Here's a little sneaky peek at my design - These little hippos are turning out really cute.

Now for my folksy friday. I'm going with themes this year and my first theme is "Paper, Scissors, Stone" - a great game to play with kids. This week it's paper. Just click on the image to take you to the folksy shop and see more fab folksy goodies. Don't forget to click the back button to come back to my shop. Have a great week, Lynne x

Polkadot Sundays - Jemima the paper monkey Sherbert Ice Designs - 6 Handmade Paper Flowers
Rae Welch - Wedding Cake Bids Rosielee - Paper Mache Bowls
Bookity - REcycled MAp Garland Make Me - Sky of Bliss Paper Heart Brooch

Sunday, 2 January 2011

My Crafty Resolutions

Wow - another year has passed and we're all another year older and wiser. I've a few more wrinkles here and there, but still healthy, so I'm not complaining.

My main resolution for 2011 is to spend LESS time on the computer messing around, and more time crafting, designing and knitting. Hopefully, this will mean that I will have more stuff to stock up my shops with and more patterns to sell.

I plan to make a spare corner into my craft area - I've cleaned it ready for a desk (which I need to buy). I figure that if I have a proper work area where I can leave my stuff, I'll spend less time tidying it away all the time. We'll see how it goes.

I've started as I mean to go on - I've almost finished writing up a new pattern, listed some Valentine cakes in my folksy and etsy shops, and almost finished three Waldo beanie Hats.

Have you made any crafty resolutions? I'd love to hear them.

Happy New Year to you all, Lynne xx