Friday, 18 June 2010

Creepy Crawly Folksy Friday

This week we have been under attack from various insects and birds.

We have ants nest everywhere outside, and the little pesks keep creeping in through cracks here and there. Whilst by hubby was sorting out traps, he was bitten by a ladybird. LOL. I didn't know they bit you. It came up in a lump. Then the birds came....... They're obviously looking for nesting places and keep trying to get into our eaves. So we prop up the long handled brush on the wheeley bin, just where they're trying to peck their way in. It acts a bit like a scarecrow.

So my folksy friday this week is creepy crawlies - insects and wriggly things. Just click the image to take find out more information on each item and see more gorgeous folksy goodies. Don't forget to click the 'back' button to bring you back to my blog.

Mirribeads - Anti brooch Gingy Snapz - Ladybird Hairclip
Saffron Barr - Honey Bee Soap The NoSuch Disco - Waldo The Worm Book Rowan Tree Design - Spiders on Vintage Books Collage SheetChain of Daisies - Honey Bee Bracelet Topaz


  1. Great theme, fortunately I love spiders, I love the bee and waldo too :)

  2. Lovely picks considering the subject....what a sweet ladybird (-:

  3. We've got ants in the compost bin. So annoying- thats somewhere you can't just pour a kettle full of boiling water in.
    I didn't know ladybirds bite either! Cute ladybird here tho and I like the spiders collage sheet- its forboding!

  4. great choices - love gingysnapz ladybird!