Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I've done it

Well, after much ado and with a lot of help from my patient hubby, I've finally launched my two new shops on etsy.

I have split my old shop CakesKnitsandCosies in two new shops:

Lynne's Pattern Parlour, for my knitting and crochet patterns
Lynne's Knitted Notions, for my handmade gifts

I hope I've done the right thing. I've been wanting to do this for ages, as I don't feel that the name of CakesKnitsandCosies really reflects what I'm doing. I want to have shop names that are clear about what I'm selling.

I need to open my shops in Folksy and MISI still, but I have a headache now, after all the computer work I've done today. So I'll tackle those another day.

I still have my patterns to list in Lynne's Pattern Parlour and I need to get some handmade goodies listed in Lynne's Knitted Notions. But at least all the tricky technical stuff is done now.

I'll be blogging about my (hopeful) success and posting some free patterns too along the way.

Don't forget to follow me, and at some point I hope to create a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to.

Lynne xx

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