Sunday, 25 April 2010

Crochet Cupcakes

I love cakes - who doesn't? The problem now is that with my wheat and gluten intolerance, cakes are off the menu. Thankfully, my daughter bakes the most delicious gluten free fairy cakes, and my breadmaker produces a lovely madeira cake, so I'm not totally deprived of cake.

My love of cake goes back a long way. As a child I would always try to make cakes, scones, or biscuits. My mum had a fab Mrs. Beaton cake book and I would follow the instructions to the letter . Sadly my efforts were in vain. They were never edible. I'm not sure why to this day. They usually ended up in the bin and I would get in trouble for wasting ingredients.

So I would love it when I went to call for my friend and the smell of baking greeted me as her from door opened. Her mum was baking. She made the most delicious lemon curd madeira cakes. I can still remember the smell and taste to this day.

We would hang around patiently until the cakes were cooled and filled and our patience was often rewarded with a big slice. Yummy.

I try to create that same sense of want with my cupcakes. These crochet cupcakes were originally designed for Let's Get Crafting Crochet magazine. They're one of my most popular designs, and I often make them myself for gifts. They are always well received. You can buy the pattern from my etsy shop here, or my folksy shop here. They make a perfect pin cushion, play food or a pretty decoration. A great sugar-free gift for those watching the calories.


  1. Gorgeous cake, makes me want to eat some right now. Found you on Folksy Friday forum thread, love you to visit my blog and comment.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    I just love your work. I would like to post some pictures of your patry on my blog. Can I?
    Best regards,